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Pixel – Google’s New Smartphone Is Attracting Lots Of Attention

. Google’s Pixel Smartphone is Here Earlier this month, Google introduced their first “made by Google” smartphone – the Pixel. It comes in two sizes: the 5″ Pixel, or larger 5.5″ Pixel XL. Simply put, the Pixels have top of the line specs, and are tuned for software and hardware performance – all of which … Continue reading

How Do Smartphones Use Time Stamps From Satellites To Calculate Your Exact Location?

Every time you glance down at your smartphone to check your location, you are unwittingly consulting a network of 24 atomic clocks housed in satellites in low-earth orbit above you. Those satellites are sending out the most elemental signals, again and again, in perpetuity: the time is 11:48:25.084738… the time is 11:48:25.084739… When your phone tries … Continue reading

The World Wide Web is Woven Together Out of Threads of Glass

Fiber Optics = Light + Glass The hybrid of two seemingly unrelated inventions – the concentrated, orderly light of lasers, and the hyper-clear glass fibers came to be known as fiber optics. Using fiber-optic cables was vastly more efficient than sending electrical signals over copper cables, particularly for long distances: light allows much more bandwidth … Continue reading

Chrome – Much More Than Just An Internet Browser

Some Things That Make Chrome a Valuable Tool Runs on Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks You can use the Chrome browser on all the popular operating systems, so regardless whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, notebook/laptop, or PC, Chrome is available. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is a souped up version of the Chrome browser. … Continue reading

Want to Modify Windows/Linux Dual Boot Startup Menu? You Can Do It

GRUB Startup Boot Menu . What is GRUB? GRUB is an acronym for GRand Unified Bootloader, which is a boot loader package developed to support multiple operating systems and allow you to select among them during boot-up. . How to Modify Startup GRUB Boot Menu: Use a GUI, or Do It Manually If you have set … Continue reading

‘Before the Internet’ is Vanishing as ‘Now’ Takes Over

Soon enough, nobody will remember life ‘Before the Internet‘. What does this unavoidable fact mean? For those billions who come next, it may not mean anything very obvious. Our online technologies, taken as a whole, will have become a kind of foundational myth — a story people are barely conscious of, something natural and, therefore, … Continue reading

Google Pixel C Gets Android N Multi-Window Feature – 25% Discount Available

Pixel C Tablet Docked with Keyboard . With Android N Will Google’s Pixel C Finally Live Up To It’s Potential? It looks like this was Google’s plan all along — launch a premium hybrid Android tablet, the Pixel C, with the ability to run programs concurrently in multiple windows. When Google unveiled the Pixel C … Continue reading

Trouble Getting An Old Broadcom Adapter Onto Linux WiFi? – There’s a Way

Linux Mint 17.3 Desktop . Scratching Your Head Trying to Get an Old PC with a Broadcom Adapter Onto Wi-Fi Using Linux? — Join the Crowd Old PCs, in particular Dell PCs and laptops vintage 2000’s, oftentimes shipped with Broadcom network adapters. There were a variety of Broadcom BCM43xx adapter models. If you happen to have an old … Continue reading

Android Benefits And Myths – What You Need To Know

Benefits of Using an Android Smartphone .  Completely Customizable with Ability to Choose Default Apps The biggest strength of Android has always been customization, especially the ability to choose default apps. . Selection and Variety of Smartphones There are upwards of a dozen new flagship Android smartphones every year. These smartphones each have their own strengths, software … Continue reading

Yahoo May Be A Web Pioneer That Has Failed To Reinvent Itself In The Smartphone Age

Yahoo’s Future Doesn’t Look Too Promising For the last decade, Yahoo has struggled to find its reason for being. Under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, a highly vaunted Google executive brought in a couple years ago to drive Yahoo’s latest turnaround effort, the company has spent billions of dollars on acquisitions like Tumblr and Polyvore … Continue reading

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