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John Legend’s Music Video ‘A Good Night’ – Made With Pixel 2

‘A Good Night’ – Made With Google Pixel 2 John Legend’s new song is called ‘A Good Night’. The song is about finding your soul mate. Legend decided to take a creative leap when making the song’s music video. The video was captured entirely on a Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The Pixel 2’s camera is rated … Continue reading

Chromebooks – How to Install Linux, Run Windows Apps, Develop Android Apps

. Chromebooks – There’s Something for Everyone For the average user’s computing needs, Chromebooks are a  great solution: they’re inexpensive, are simple to use with the Chrome browser interface, have built-in system security, and provide automatic operating system updates. However, there are a number of advanced options available to broaden the horizons of Chromebook functionality. … Continue reading

Chromebooks: How Chrome OS Security & Updates Work

Chromebooks are laptop computers that use Google’s lightweight desktop operating system, Chrome OS . Chromebooks are lightweight, portable, and easy to use with virtually no learning curve. You can do all of your work from within the Chrome browser — it’s simple and provides a comprehensive environment to get things done. . Overview of Chrome OS on Chromebooks … Continue reading

How Can We Cultivate Our Capacity for Solitude When Smartphones Tempt Us with Constant Connection?

We are at a crossroads: So many people say they have no time to talk, really talk, but all the time in the world, day and night, to connect. When a moment of boredom arises, we have become accustomed to making it go away by searching for something – sometimes anything – on our phones. The … Continue reading

Linux Mint – Automatic Upgrade Feature

Linux Mint 18.1 Desktop Finally, you can automatically update Linux Mint. You can now easily upgrade from Linux Mint 18 to 18.1 (or even from Linux Mint 17.1 to Linux Mint 17.2).  In the past, you had to manually replace Mint while keeping your personal files in a home directory located on another partition, or … Continue reading

Pixel – Google’s New Smartphone Is Attracting Lots Of Attention

. Google’s Pixel Smartphone is Here Earlier this month, Google introduced their first “made by Google” smartphone – the Pixel. It comes in two sizes: the 5″ Pixel, or larger 5.5″ Pixel XL. Simply put, the Pixels have top of the line specs, and are tuned for software and hardware performance – all of which … Continue reading

How Do Smartphones Use Time Stamps From Satellites To Calculate Your Exact Location?

Every time you glance down at your smartphone to check your location, you are unwittingly consulting a network of 24 atomic clocks housed in satellites in low-earth orbit above you. Those satellites are sending out the most elemental signals, again and again, in perpetuity: the time is 11:48:25.084738… the time is 11:48:25.084739… When your phone tries … Continue reading

The World Wide Web is Woven Together Out of Threads of Glass

Fiber Optics = Light + Glass The hybrid of two seemingly unrelated inventions – the concentrated, orderly light of lasers, and the hyper-clear glass fibers came to be known as fiber optics. Using fiber-optic cables was vastly more efficient than sending electrical signals over copper cables, particularly for long distances: light allows much more bandwidth … Continue reading

Chrome – Much More Than Just An Internet Browser

Some Things That Make Chrome a Valuable Tool Runs on Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks You can use the Chrome browser on all the popular operating systems, so regardless whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, notebook/laptop, or PC, Chrome is available. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is a souped up version of the Chrome browser. … Continue reading

Want to Modify Windows/Linux Dual Boot Startup Menu? You Can Do It

GRUB Startup Boot Menu . What is GRUB? GRUB is an acronym for GRand Unified Bootloader, which is a boot loader package developed to support multiple operating systems and allow you to select among them during boot-up. . How to Modify Startup GRUB Boot Menu: Use a GUI, or Do It Manually If you have set … Continue reading

Major League Baseball

2018 MLB Regular Season is underway. Plenty of possibilities this year!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards have added Ozuna’s bat and some key pitchers this year. Go Cards!


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