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Pixel – Google’s New Smartphone Is Attracting Lots Of Attention

Pixel, Phone By Google
Google’s Pixel Smartphone is Here

Earlier this month, Google introduced their first “made by Google” smartphone – the Pixel. It comes in two sizes: the 5″ Pixel, or larger 5.5″ Pixel XL. Simply put, the Pixels have top of the line specs, and are tuned for software and hardware performance – all of which put the Pixels right up there with Samsung and Apple.

Some Key Pixel Features

  • Bright, hi-res AMOLED displays with Gorilla Glass 4
  • Fast performance with Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB RAM
  • High-rated, fast camera for photos & video (Google claims the camera has “best-ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score”)
  • Unlimited photo & video storage at full resolution
  • Google Assistant – Google’s interactive AI app
  • Quick charge (Google claims up to 7 hours of battery life with 15 minutes charging)
  • Free 24/7 Tech Support built-in to the phone
  • Android 7.1 (currently only on Pixels)

You can find more details about Pixel smartphones on the Made By Google and Google Store webpages.

Pixel in hand

Where Can You Get A Pixel?

You can purchase Pixels in full or with a payment plan at any of these places:

If you buy a Pixel phone unlocked from the Google Store, you can use it with any wireless provider.

Also, T-Mobile currently has a deal if you sign up for T-Mobile One. See details here: T-Mobile offers up to 50 percent off your Pixel purchase, but there’s a catch.

Some Pixel Reviews 

Some Pixel Reviews on YouTube

Some Pixel Ads From Google

Google Assistant

Pixel Specs – Complete List 

  • Colors
    Silver, Black, Blue
  • Operating System
    Android 7.1 Nougat, with automatic software updates
    . 2 years of OS updates
    . 3 years of security updates
  • Display
    . 5.0″ AMOLED Full HD (1920×1080) 441ppi display
    . Cinematic widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
    . Gorilla Glass 4
    .Pixel XL
    . 5.5″ AMOLED QHD (2560 x 1440) 534ppi display
    . Cinematic widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
    . Gorilla Glass 4
  • Cameras
    .Rear Camera
    . 12.3 MP camera
    . f/2.0 with 1.55μm large pixels for clear low light pictures
    . Fast autofocus in any light condition with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) and Laser Detection Autofocus (LDAF)
    . 4K (30 fps) video capture
    . HD 240 fps (8x) and Full HD 120 fps (4x) slow motion video
    . CRI-90 dual-LED flash
    .Front Camera
    . 8 MP camera
    . 1.4 µm pixels in low light
    . f/2.4 aperture for bright photos and sharp focus
    . Full HD video capture (30fps)
  • Processors
    . Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
    . 2.15Ghz + 1.6Ghz, 64Bit Quad-Core processor
    . Adreno 530 GPU
  • Battery
    . 2,770 mAh battery
    . Up to 13 hours use time
    . Fast charging (Google claims up to 7 hours of use from 15 minutes charging)
    .Pixel XL
    . 3,450 mAh battery
    . Up to 14 hours use time
    . Fast charging (Google claims up to 7 hours of use from 15 minutes charging)
  • Memory & Storage
    . 4GB RAM
    . 32GB or 128GB storage
  • Fingerprint Sensor (on back of phone)
  • Media
    . 1 Speaker (bottom left) with Adaptive audio amplifier
    . 3 Microphones (2 front, 1 rear)
  • Wireless
    4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Materials
    . Anonized Aluminum body
    . Gorilla Glass 4
  • Dimensions & Weight
    . Length: 5.66 in
    . Width: 2.74 in
    . Height: 0.29 in
    . Weight: 5.04 oz
    .Pixel XL
    . Length: 6.09 in
    . Width: 2.98 in
    . Height: 0.29 in
    . Weight: 5.92 oz

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