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Sails Of Joy – Energetic Music From Govi

Govi - Guitar Odyssey

Sails of Joy is the opening cut on Guitar Odyssey, an upbeat, guitar-centered instrumental album from Govi. The album is a blend of guitars sweetened by South American pan pipes and sensual rhythms. Govi plays flamenco guitar, electric guitar, charango, keyboards and percussion on Guitar Odyssey. All the music is composed, arranged, and performed by Govi.

Govi’s music is a wonderful mix of new age, new flamenco, world, and ethnic fusion. He has recorded about 20 albums, and has been active in the music world since 1988.

Govi spent 8 years living in India. While in India, he changed his name first to Govinda, then Govi. He was born in Germany. His birth name is Werner Monka.


Sails of Joy – from Guitar Odyssey – Govi

Major League Baseball

2020 MLB season is underway!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards look to repeat this year.


Comfortably Numm theme song: Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd…

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