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Soothing Music From Bernward Koch


Flowing, released in 1989, was Bernward Koch’s first album – it was especially successful in the United States, as well as Asia, with the hit song, Ever Returning.

Bernward Koch (born 1957) is a German composer, pianist and keyboardist. Additionally, he plays percussion, bass, and guitar. His music mainly evokes a soothing and calming style, with a clearly recognizable melody from the piano, enriched with keyboards, flute, guitar and percussion. Koch has released some 14 albums.

Bernward Koch

Koch’s music has been recommended by Weber State University as a tool for stress reduction. And, many airlines around the world feature Koch’s music to help reduce passenger fear of flying.

Ever Returning – from Flowing – Bernward Koch

Bright Light – from Flowing – Bernward Koch

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