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Take An Odyssey To Greece With Yannis Karalis


Sit back and journey to Greece with Odyssey, an album of eclectic instrumental tunes from Yannis Karralis. The songs are full of passion, and range from driving percussion to gentle melodies.

Originally recorded in 1999, Odyssey features 14 musicians playing a wide range of instruments, including: Shyi, Doudouk, Zourna, Tabla, Toumerleki, Bendir, Outi, Bouzouki, Tzoura, Banglama, Lute, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Keyboards, Clarinet, Nei, Cymbals, and Classical Guitar.

Yannis Karalis

Yannis Karalis was born in Athens, Greece. He is a prolific musican/lyricist with many albums to his credit. He has written hundreds of songs (gold and platinum hits) for most of Greece’s top performers. He is considered one of the greatest Greek composers of our time.

Aman – from Odyssey – Yannis Karalis


Ypohoris – from Odyssey – Yannis Karalis


Pandemonium – from Odyssey – Yannis Karalis


Oti Ki An Gini – from Odyssey – Yannis Karalis

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