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Lover’s Call – Blissful Santoor Music


Imaginations is a blissful, chillout, santoor-centered instrumental album from Tarun Bhattacharya.

The song Lover’s Call stands out among the songs on the album as one of the most memorable – it’s a catchy, romantic tune, 6 1/2 minutes in length.

The Indian santoor is a trapezoid-shaped, 100 string, hammered dulcimer, and a variation of the Iranian Santur.

Tarun Bhattacharya (born 1957, in Calcutta) is the inventor of “mankas” or fine tuners that help in quick tuning of the santoor. His technique of playing the santoor facilitates the playing of “Krintans, Ekharatans, Boltans” broadening the use of santoor in various traditional art forms. His improvisations on the shape and string arrangements have resulted in a deeper and more classical sound for the santoor.

Lover’s Call – from Imaginations – Tarun Bhattacharya

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