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EnTrance – Captiviating World Beat Music

Conrad Praetzel - En Trance

EnTrance (1995, 45 min)
Conrad Praetzel

EnTrance means “to fill with rapturous delight” – which the recording definitely does. From the first cut, “Waking the Shadows” to “Petra”, and on to “Stone Soup”, the production is absolutely mesmerizing — it’s like a grand tour of some foreign outlying land.

“Billed as Ambient World Beat, EnTrance is such a delightful melding of both that it may have created a new musical category…each track has something fresh going for it.”  
…..– Steve Ryals/Planet Earth Music

Conrad Praetzel is a California-based electronic keyboardist, percussionist, and multi-instrumentalist.

Musicians on the album:

  • Conrad Praetzel: keyboards, percussion, guitar and mandolin
  • Robert Powell: guitars, pedal steel guitar, dobro and electric sitar
  • Armando Fojaco: dumbek and percussion
  • Solomon Feldthouse: oud, ney flute, violin and flamenco guitar

EnTrance CD – Back Side

EnTrance CD Back

Waking the Shadows from EnTrance – Conrad Praetzel

Petra from EnTrance – Conrad Praetzel

Stone Soup from EnTrance – Conrad Praetzel

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