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John Legend’s Music Video ‘A Good Night’ – Made With Pixel 2

‘A Good Night’ – Made With Google Pixel 2 John Legend’s new song is called ‘A Good Night’. The song is about finding your soul mate. Legend decided to take a creative leap when making the song’s music video. The video was captured entirely on a Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The Pixel 2’s camera is rated … Continue reading

Slider – Ambient Pedal Steel Excursion from Bruce Kaphan

Slider (2001, 57 min) Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar Bruce Kaphan Slider is an atmospheric/ambient pedal steel guitar exploration of new possibilities for a never-fully-exploited instrument. The album achieves something rare in popular music – it puts a new face on pedal steel, and is a creative synthesis of ambient, pop, country, Indian, electronic music. Slider … Continue reading

EnTrance – Captiviating World Beat Music

EnTrance (1995, 45 min) Conrad Praetzel EnTrance means “to fill with rapturous delight” – which the recording definitely does. From the first cut, “Waking the Shadows” to “Petra”, and on to “Stone Soup”, the production is absolutely mesmerizing — it’s like a grand tour of some foreign outlying land. “Billed as Ambient World Beat, EnTrance is such … Continue reading

Chromebooks – How to Install Linux, Run Windows Apps, Develop Android Apps

. Chromebooks – There’s Something for Everyone For the average user’s computing needs, Chromebooks are a  great solution: they’re inexpensive, are simple to use with the Chrome browser interface, have built-in system security, and provide automatic operating system updates. However, there are a number of advanced options available to broaden the horizons of Chromebook functionality. … Continue reading

Kyoto – The Beauty of Simplicity – Tangerine Dream

Kyoto (2005, 66 min) Tangerine Dream Kyoto is a nearly lost gem from Tangerine Dream, from a time when the group consisted of Edgar Froese and Johannes Schmoelling. The album is a showcase of passionate work from this talented duo. The music is alluring and has a mesmerizing, haunting quality throughout. This collection of songs was originally … Continue reading

Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright Wins First Silver Slugger Award

Adam Wainwright – 2017 NL Silver Slugger Winner Adam Wainwright has put together an outstanding career as a perennial ace pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. This year, however, Wainwright won a coveted honor for another skill altogether – his batting performance! Wainwright, who is now 36, won the 2017 National League Silver Slugger Award. … Continue reading

LOOM – Engaging Electronic Music from Jerome Froese & Company

LOOM is a progressive electronic group formed by Jerome Froese (son of Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream) and Johannes Schmoelling, both former members of Tangerine Dream. Robert Waters rounds out the three-piece LOOM band. LOOM’s style reflects the tradition of Tangerine Dream, with the injection of modern sound created by Jerome Froese’s guitar playing … Continue reading

Ancient Airs And Dances – Three Orchestral Suites by Respighi

Ancient Airs and Dances is a set of three orchestral suites, based on Renaissance lute pieces, by Italian composer Ottorino Respighi. Ancient Airs and Dances Ottorino Respighi     Ottorino Respighi 1879 – 1936 . Music Web International . NAXOS . Wikipedia Ottorino Respighi was an Italian composer and musicologist. Respighi is best known for his orchestral … Continue reading

Wall to Wall Cobwebs – Clear Them Out with Buckethead

Wall to Wall Cobwebs – album title song, rolling instrumental guitar trip (15 minutes) Wall to Wall Cobwebs Buckethead . . 3 songs (32 minutes) . released in 2015 Buckethead born 1969 Background on Buckethead . . . . Wall to Wall Cobwebs — Buckethead

Mellow Mood – World/Jazz Fusion from Fareed Haque

Mellow Mood is a rolling, jazzy tune. It’s the opening song on Trance Hypothesis. Trance Hypothesis A melodic and infectious collection of tunes. The music has been called “21st funk that intertwines with the ancient rhythms of the Asian sub-continent.” Together with Fareed Haque’s exquisite guitar work, the three-dimensional timbres of Indian tabla edge up to the equally … Continue reading

Major League Baseball

2018 MLB Regular Season is underway. Plenty of possibilities this year!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards have added Ozuna’s bat and some key pitchers this year. Go Cards!


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