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EnTrance – Captiviating World Beat Music

EnTrance (1995, 45 min) Conrad Praetzel EnTrance means “to fill with rapturous delight” – which the recording definitely does. From the first cut, “Waking the Shadows” to “Petra”, and on to “Stone Soup”, the production is absolutely mesmerizing — it’s like a grand tour of some foreign outlying land. “Billed as Ambient World Beat, EnTrance is such … Continue reading

Chromebooks – How to Install Linux, Run Windows Apps, Develop Android Apps

. Chromebooks – There’s Something for Everyone For the average user’s computing needs, Chromebooks are a  great solution: they’re inexpensive, are simple to use with the Chrome browser interface, have built-in system security, and provide automatic operating system updates. However, there are a number of advanced options available to broaden the horizons of Chromebook functionality. … Continue reading

Kyoto – The Beauty of Simplicity – Tangerine Dream

Kyoto (2005, 66 min) Tangerine Dream Kyoto is a nearly lost gem from Tangerine Dream, from a time when the group consisted of Edgar Froese and Johannes Schmoelling. The album is a showcase of passionate work from this talented duo. The music is alluring and has a mesmerizing, haunting quality throughout. This collection of songs was originally … Continue reading

Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright Wins First Silver Slugger Award

Adam Wainwright – 2017 NL Silver Slugger Winner Adam Wainwright has put together an outstanding career as a perennial ace pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. This year, however, Wainwright won a coveted honor for another skill altogether – his batting performance! Wainwright, who is now 36, won the 2017 National League Silver Slugger Award. … Continue reading

LOOM – Engaging Electronic Music from Jerome Froese & Company

LOOM is a progressive electronic group formed by Jerome Froese (son of Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream) and Johannes Schmoelling, both former members of Tangerine Dream. Robert Waters rounds out the three-piece LOOM band. LOOM’s style reflects the tradition of Tangerine Dream, with the injection of modern sound created by Jerome Froese’s guitar playing … Continue reading

Ancient Airs And Dances – Three Orchestral Suites by Respighi

Ancient Airs and Dances is a set of three orchestral suites, based on Renaissance lute pieces, by Italian composer Ottorino Respighi. Ancient Airs and Dances Ottorino Respighi     Ottorino Respighi 1879 – 1936 . Music Web International . NAXOS . Wikipedia Ottorino Respighi was an Italian composer and musicologist. Respighi is best known for his orchestral … Continue reading

Wall to Wall Cobwebs – Clear Them Out with Buckethead

Wall to Wall Cobwebs – album title song, rolling instrumental guitar trip (15 minutes) Wall to Wall Cobwebs Buckethead . . 3 songs (32 minutes) . released in 2015 Buckethead born 1969 Background on Buckethead . . . . Wall to Wall Cobwebs — Buckethead

Mellow Mood – World/Jazz Fusion from Fareed Haque

Mellow Mood is a rolling, jazzy tune. It’s the opening song on Trance Hypothesis. Trance Hypothesis A melodic and infectious collection of tunes. The music has been called “21st funk that intertwines with the ancient rhythms of the Asian sub-continent.” Together with Fareed Haque’s exquisite guitar work, the three-dimensional timbres of Indian tabla edge up to the equally … Continue reading

Chromebooks: How Chrome OS Security & Updates Work

Chromebooks are laptop computers that use Google’s lightweight desktop operating system, Chrome OS . Chromebooks are lightweight, portable, and easy to use with virtually no learning curve. You can do all of your work from within the Chrome browser — it’s simple and provides a comprehensive environment to get things done. . Overview of Chrome OS on Chromebooks … Continue reading

Fanfare for the Common Man – Keith Emerson with The Best – Live

Fanfare for the Common Man — Keith Emerson  — Live with The Best Keith Emerson jamming with The Best, a group of All-Stars from the rock world. This is one of the most energetic live versions of Fanfare for the Common Man (Aaron Copland). The tune was a classic that Emerson Lake & Palmer performed for many years. The … Continue reading

Major League Baseball

Congratulations to the Houston Astros – 2017 World Series Champions!

First time in their franchise history the Astros won the World Series.

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards look forward to the 2018 season…


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