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Chrome – Much More Than Just An Internet Browser


Some Things That Make Chrome a Valuable Tool

  • Runs on Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks
    You can use the Chrome browser on all the popular operating systems, so regardless whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, notebook/laptop, or PC, Chrome is available. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is a souped up version of the Chrome browser.
  • Bookmarks and Menu Bar Follow You & Update Dynamically Wherever You Login
    Regardless what device or operating system you are using, just login to Chrome using your Google account and voilà, you instantly have your current bookmarks and menu bar. And, when you make any changes, such as adding bookmarks on one device, everything will be dynamically updated on any other device where you login to Chrome.
  • Use Bookmarks To Create Detailed, Multi-Level Alphabetical Index
    Easily organize bookmarks alphabetically to work for you, and to make it easy to know where your stuff is when you need it. You can create your own index of bookmarked websites, including making subfolders as needed. You can use Bookmark Manager to easily sort folders alphabetically, add/delete folders or subfolders, and create cross-reference folders  that point you to the name where your topic is to be found (e.g., Library: see Literary Resources).
  • Customize Menu Bar With Folders & Pages
    There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to the Menu Bar. All of the Menu Bar item editing features are accessed from the popup menu when right clicking either on top a Menu Bar item, or on Menu Bar blank space.

    • Menu Bar Item Editing: To edit a name, right click on top of the item, select Rename, then edit however you like. When renaming, if you delete the name altogether, only the item’s icon will appear on the Menu Bar — this can be handy to conserve space on the Menu Bar.
    • Adding a Folder or Page: right click on Menu Bar empty space, select Add Folder, or Add Page. Folders are useful when you’d like quick access to subject matter. Folders are handy since they can be permanent, or used as needed on a temporary basis, then deleted. Adding a Page gives you direct access to a given web page.

Example of Customized Chrome Menu Bar and Multi-Level Bookmarks

Chrome Menu Bar & Bookmarks



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