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Droplet Computing – Use Apps From Any Device, Any OS, Online/Offline

Droplet Computing Offers Freedom and Flexibility 

Droplet Computing has developed an intriguing way to run old applications inside a modern web browser. Droplet is working to provide a universal container to allow users to run apps across multiple platforms. Windows and Linux apps running in a container on Chromebooks or Macbooks could soon be a very normal thing.

Droplet decouples applications from the operating system, containerizes them to provide portability and enables simple deployment on any device. You can work where you need to be productive, use business apps on mobile devices, and be free to be productive with and without the network.

Using Droplet’s Universal Container solution, you can access modern and legacy applications across a variety of devices – mobile phone, PC, Mac, Chromebook. Applications can run offline on any device with a modern web browser. This provides a universal delivery method that removes dependencies around operating system, Internet connectivity, and chipsets.

A Solution for Those Old Apps Hanging Around

Lots of old apps, both out-of-the-box and custom-built, are in use by many businesses. These applications were important for various business reasons, but they were written for a specific target operating system. The applications won’t work on newer operating systems, and rewriting them isn’t viable for a variety of reasons: no source code, no money for the development effort, etc. On top of that, the old operating systems often have trouble running on newer hardware.

The world is currently full of custom-built applications written for obsolete operating systems. There are MRI machines that depend on an attached Windows XP system in order to function. Millions of dollars of equipment would become useless without that old, unpatched, insecure hunk of anachronistic computer attached to it. The healthcare and educational computing worlds are loaded with complexities surrounding legacy apps.

Benefits of Droplet’s Universal Container

  • Universal delivery mechanism.
  • Removes Operating System dependency.
  • Removes Internet connection dependency – run apps offline as well as online.
  • Download the apps you need regardless of device type – removes chipset dependency (x86 and ARM).
  • Functionality, familiarity, productivity everywhere.
  • Security for apps and data.

Use the Apps You Need

Droplet Computing containers provide delivery of a wide range of apps, including:

  • Productivity suites – word processing, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Technical and project management tools.
  • Medical and Healthcare applications.
  • CAD and engineering tools.

How Do Apps Look When Using Droplet Containers?

How Does Droplet’s Solution Work?

Under the Covers with Droplet Computing Software 

Droplet Computing accomplishes its magic by using WebAssembly, which treats the browser like a kind of chip architecture similar to x86 or ARM… or the Java Virtual Machine. WebAssembly turns the browser into a computer that you can write code for just as if it were a physical computer or virtual machine. Combined with other browser-based techniques like WebGL and WebUSB, the browser is fast becoming the operating system of the cloud era.

Droplet has built upon the idea of WebAssembly and created a just-in-time compiler that converts applications written for older operating systems into WebAssembly code on the fly. It’s a lot like Java, but instead of needing a very specific version of the Java Virtual Machine installed ahead of time (and all the problems that has caused over the years), WebAssembly is available right now in the four major browsers: Chrome, WebKit, Edge, and Firefox.


Droplet Computing Overview – Application Delivery Redefined


Droplet Computing Introduction with Steve Horne, CEO – Cloud Field Day in Silicon Valley – April 2018


Droplet Computing – Technical Overview – Universal Container Demo – April 2018

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