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Microsoft Office and Skype on Android

Office on Android

Just yesterday, Microsoft announced on The Official Microsoft Blog that they have signed bundling deals with 20 more Android tablet makers. This move adds to the growing list of companies, 31 so far, that will preload their tablets with Microsoft Office and Skype.

Back in the PC days, Microsoft was able to make Windows the default PC operating system by striking deals with as many companies as possible to preload Windows on PCs. Well, deja vu, it looks like Microsoft is pursuing a similar tack with Office and Skype on Android tablets.

Microsoft is a late-comer to Android. This is because for a long time Microsoft did not think Android was a serious competitor to their Windows dominance.  Now, Microsoft is pushing hard to make up for lost time. Will Microsoft’s plan to bundle Office and Skype on Android tablets shift Microsoft into becoming an essential Android player?

One wonders how Google will respond to Microsoft’s Android bundling strategy.

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