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Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon Tastes Great!!

Ever had a Windows PC crash on you?

Ever been unable to boot your Windows PC due to missing start-up files, and Smoked PCthen be tossed to a black screen with error messages? Ever tried to troubleshoot this sort of problem using the Windows Install Disc Repair option, but with no success?

Windows VistaWell, just a few days ago, this very troublesome issue struck my Windows Vista PC (lucky for me I had done a full backup of all my wife’s files & my own just the day before Vista decided to misfire).  Now I know my PC is not exactly new, and Vista is not touted as the best version of Windows that Microsoft ever rolled out. However, I’ve been using this PC daily and rely on it for serious work and to access my printer and scanner.

I tried all the recommended troubleshooting options I could find on Microsoft’s Support website, but nothing helped. Finally, I decided to reformat my hard drive and then reinstall Vista.  That may have been a mistake since I read that most hard drives these days don’t need low-level reformatting. Anyhow, my next step was to partition the disk and then re-install Vista, but wouldn’t you know it — Vista kept giving me errors saying it didn’t recognize my hard drive!

“Now what?” was the question on my mind. My PC was dead in the water. Should I go out and buy a new hard drive? Or, should I shop around for a new tower system? Or, should I look into perhaps getting a new notebook? I was not happy since all the options I was thinking about involved spending money.


Then, I had an idea, “Why not try booting from a Linux disc and then install Linux-Mint LogoLinux
on my PC?” So, being quite familiar with Linux Mint, since I use it via a dual-boot option on my laptop which also runs Windows Vista, I decided to try out my proposed Linux solution. The beauty of this option is Linux is completely free to install and use.

When I booted my PC from my freshly burned Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 64-bit version, Linux came up with no problems at all. Then, I installed Linux Mint onto my hard drive and that came off without any hiccups — it then recognized my wireless network connection to the internet, and my specific printer & scanner on its own without any tedious configuration steps. What a huge relief!!

I have set up my Linux Mint with login accounts for both my wife and myself, very similar to how I had done with Windows Vista.  Mint comes bundled with some nice multimedia applications and gives you the option to download & install lots of quality applications to fill every need — all available for free. So, definitely I can say Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon tastes great!

To check out the Linux Mint website, just click here.

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