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Bonn Lair Pub Oktoberfest Festivities

Bonn LairOctober is the month to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest – festivities that often include German beer, food, music, and other celebratory festivities.

Well, yesterday we were able to attend an Oktoberfest celebration at the Bonn Lair Pub which was authentic in every way.  The odd thing was, our being there for the Oktoberfest was actually due to an accidental dining misstep.  About a week earlier, we had planned to eat lunch at Juno’s Kitchen, a great restaurant which I reviewed back on September 17.  However, when we arrived at Juno’s doorstep, we found all the seats, both inside and outside taken.  That presented a problem.  What to do?

Bonn Lair Seating

Quickly, I was told that there was a possible alternative just a couple of doors down.  I figured, why not.  So, as we ambled in, I pulled open a set of curtains, and voila, we were transported into a whole different world.  We were in Bonn Lair Pub which was like walking into a cozy European pub.  We immediately felt at home.  We ordered some great drinks and food.  And, we noticed a bulletin board mentioning the Oktoberfest coming up on October 6.

Bonn Lair EntryThat was all it took.  We planned then and there to partake in the Bonn Lair Oktoberfest.  And, I guess that brings us to the purpose of this post in the first place: letting everyone know about how splendid and satisfying the whole experience was.  First off, we noticed the German music playing, then we saw that all the staff were wearing authentic, green and white styled German outfits, and all the tables were decorated with matching green and white table clothes.  Next, the beer – two German Beers, Weihenstephan & Paulaner – were offered at a special price for a Liter (that’s a big mug!), and there were some great food specials, too, including a Currywurst Plate, a Bratwurst Combo Plate with Bonn Lair’s famous Hot Potato Salad, and a Bratwurst Sandwich. The whole menu looked absolutely mouth-watering…

We made our order decisions quickly:  two Weihenstephan Liter Beers, a Bratwurst Combo Plate with two Brats, and a Bratwurst Sandwich.  We sipped our tall beer mugs a bit before our meals arrived.  The beer was a smooth, light lager that tasted great.  In just a few minutes our meals arrived.  Each of us loved our food and suds.  I especially enjoyed my Bratwurst Combo Plate that included two Red Brats, Bonn Lair’s Famous Hot Potato Salad (m-m good), Red Cabbage, and Sauerkraut.

Finally, our beer, food, conversation, and festivities wound down.  When it was time to go, we paid our ticket, and were given our Liter Mugs.  What a nice surprise.  What nice souvenirs. Now we’re faced with the question – what to do with these two big mugs?  We’re still working on that one.

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