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Excellent Mediterranean Food Awaits You

Have a hankering for tasty, homemade, affordable Mediterranean food? Pita Kitchen is the place to go. Chicken Kabob Entree Pita Kitchen is a family run restaurant. The folks there have a devotion for fresh, pure, and natural ingredients. They are serious about making food that lets the real flavor of individual ingredients come through. There’s an … Continue reading

Watermelons are Great!!

  Not only are watermelons fun to chomp into and get juice running all over your face, but they have some powerful health benefits for all of us too, which you can check out here: Watermelons!  

Chili’s Grill & Bar Rolls-out Over 45,000 Tablets

Just recently, Chili’s Grill & Bar in partnership with Ziosk completed installation of the largest tabletop tablet network in the US. In less than eight months, Chili’s working with Ziosk, makers of the world’s first ordering, entertainment and pay-at-the table tablet, has completed the largest roll-out of tabletop tablets in the U.S., installing more than 45,000 … Continue reading

Google Shopping Express & Amazon Fresh Go Head to Head

Google and Amazon are battling a high stakes game with their home delivery services. Both companies have recently announced plans to expand their geographical reach. Google’s Shopping Express was launched less than a year ago in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The shopping service delivers retail products straight to homes on the same day … Continue reading

D-Day & Doughnut Day Anniversaries Today!

Today we observe the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, along with the 77th Anniversary of National Doughnut Day, another war-time remembrance. D-Day honors those serving  the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. D-Day commemorations have served as a reminder of the shared sacrifice of American, Canadian, British and other Western forces to free Europe from the threat of … Continue reading

Magpie Cafe

A great eatery, Magpie Cafe, is located on the rejuvenated R Street corridor.  The menu options are not your usual fare, but include such items as Crispy Pork Belly with Azolla figs, the Smoked Trout and Del Rio Tomato Sandwich, and  my favorite, the Vietnamese Sandwich – Banh Mi: Niman Ranch tri tip, pickled daikon and carrot, South East Asian … Continue reading

45th Annual Oktoberfest at the Sacramento Turn Verein

. . . . . Tonight from 6PM until Midnight, and on Saturday from 3PM until Midnight, the Sacramento Turn Verein, located at 3349 J Street, will hold its 45th Annual Oktoberfest at Turner Hall, a celebration patterned after the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich, which has been held every year since 1810.  More historical details … Continue reading

Bonn Lair Pub Oktoberfest Festivities

October is the month to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest – festivities that often include German beer, food, music, and other celebratory festivities. Well, yesterday we were able to attend an Oktoberfest celebration at the Bonn Lair Pub which was authentic in every way.  The odd thing was, our being there for the Oktoberfest was actually due … Continue reading

Juno’s Kitchen & Delicatessen

A few days ago, we decided it was time to try to find a new restaurant for our lunch-time meal – we enjoy being able to take a gamble on occasion, just to add a little variety for our salivating palates.  So, I scanned the web for any new restaurants close by.  Lots of choices popped … Continue reading

Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar

Last weekend we were treated to the 66th Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar held Saturday and Sunday at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.  The church-sponsored bazaar has become one of Sacramento’s signature cultural events. The Bazaar was a wonderful community event, but there were some obstacles to overcome: it was hot – 100+ degrees over … Continue reading

Major League Baseball

Atlanta Braves are the 2021 World Champions!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards look forward to 2022 season.


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