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EnTrance – Captiviating World Beat Music

EnTrance (1995, 45 min) Conrad Praetzel EnTrance means “to fill with rapturous delight” – which the recording definitely does. From the first cut, “Waking the Shadows” to “Petra”, and on to “Stone Soup”, the production is absolutely mesmerizing — it’s like a grand tour of some foreign outlying land. “Billed as Ambient World Beat, EnTrance is such … Continue reading

Mellow Mood – World/Jazz Fusion from Fareed Haque

Mellow Mood is a rolling, jazzy tune. It’s the opening song on Trance Hypothesis. Trance Hypothesis A melodic and infectious collection of tunes. The music has been called “21st funk that intertwines with the ancient rhythms of the Asian sub-continent.” Together with Fareed Haque’s exquisite guitar work, the three-dimensional timbres of Indian tabla edge up to the equally … Continue reading

Folksong – Upbeat, Timeless Music from Ustad Habib Khan

Folksong – Opening Tune on Jewel of Heart… Jewel of Heart Ustad Habib Khan World /Indian Fusion     Enjoyable, relaxed world fusion gathering placed just to the East of centre. Sitar, tabla, ghatam, oud, sax, percussion, acoustic guitar and piano fitly fuse on this accomplished album. …..John McLaughlin archives Jewel of Heart is a project created by … Continue reading

Come Back My Love – Traditional Indian Devotional Music for Modern Ears

Come Back My Love is the opening tune on the album Journey, by Ali Akbar Khan. The song is an upbeat musical adventure that takes the listener on a soulful journey through mystic India, a place where dreams become reality. Journey Ali Akbar Khan Journey is a masterpiece of heartfelt music by renowned Indian music master … Continue reading

Major League Baseball

Boston Red Sox are the 2018 World Series Champions!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards look forward to next year. Go Cards!


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