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Mellow Mood – World/Jazz Fusion from Fareed Haque

Mellow Mood is a rolling, jazzy tune. It’s the opening song on Trance Hypothesis.

Fareed Haque - Trance Hypothesis
Trance Hypothesis

A melodic and infectious collection of tunes. The music has been called “21st funk that intertwines with the ancient rhythms of the Asian sub-continent.”

Together with Fareed Haque’s exquisite guitar work, the three-dimensional timbres of Indian tabla edge up to the equally physical sounds of the Hammond B-3 organ.

Haque plays a variety of custom guitars on the album, including one built specifically for the album, by Brian Gallup and Sam Guidry, of Galloup Guitars.



Fareed Haque
Fareed Haque
born 1963

. Fareed Haque
. Wikipedia

Fareed Haque is professor of guitar and jazz at Northern Illinois University. Haque is also a gifted classical musician, seasoned mainstream improvisor, and jazz-rock innovator. He has collaborated with many artists, ranging from Paquito D’Rivera to Sting. Though he was born in Chicago, his father is Pakistani and his mother is Chilean.

Haque has traveled extensively, with especially long stays in Spain, France, Iran, Pakistan, and Chile. During these trips, he was exposed to many different styles of music from a very early age. Haque’s natural eclecticism has become the hallmark of his music. And, through repeated visits to Von Freeman’s Chicago jam sessions he became grounded in the Chicago blues and jazz tradition.

In one of the greatest honors – and challenges – in a lifetime dedicated to music, Haque performed both the Aranjuez and Villa-lobos guitar concertos (in one concert!) with the Chicago Philharmonic, conducted by Lucia Matos at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall.

Haque continues to tour and record extensively along with documenting his often unorthodox teaching methods in a series of interactive video courses through TrueFire. Some of Fareed’s notable students include Neal Alger, Paul Moeller, Goran Ivanovic, Nick Fryer, Mike Allemana, and many others.

Mellow Mood — from Trance Hypothesis by Fareed Haque


Fareed Haque with the Trance Hypothesis Band — Live Concert — October 16, 2015

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