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Between Green and Blue – Eclectic Musical Journey From David Helping

Between Green and Blue (1997) was David Helpling’s debut album on the Spotted Peccary Music indie label. The album is a rich mixture of original percussion samples, textural electric guitar and distinct keyboard melodies with rhythmic orchestrations – they’re all tastefully combined to define this superb work that ranges from driving and energetic passages to … Continue reading

Together We Will Conquer – Dreamy Chillout Music – Ryan Farish

Kickback and relax with Together We Will Conquer, from Ryan Farish.  The tune is one of 12 songs on Everlasting, an overall excellent instrumental album, presented in Farish’s trademark (and quite popular) dreamy chillout style. Ryan Farish is an American artist, composer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Los Angeles, California, Farish is known for his … Continue reading

Glide Into a Sonic Oasis with Tangerine Dream

Oasis Soundtrack Inspired by the American southwest, the Oasis soundtrack (1995, 52 minutes) is a wonderful collection of melodic, gently rolling songs.  At the time, Tangerine Dream consisted of the father and son team, Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese, and the album is a collaboration between them. Besides the video release of Oasis, the music was … Continue reading

Slider – Ambient Pedal Steel Excursion from Bruce Kaphan

Slider (2001, 57 min) Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar Bruce Kaphan Slider is an atmospheric/ambient pedal steel guitar exploration of new possibilities for a never-fully-exploited instrument. The album achieves something rare in popular music – it puts a new face on pedal steel, and is a creative synthesis of ambient, pop, country, Indian, electronic music. Slider … Continue reading

Kyoto – The Beauty of Simplicity – Tangerine Dream

Kyoto (2005, 66 min) Tangerine Dream Kyoto is a nearly lost gem from Tangerine Dream, from a time when the group consisted of Edgar Froese and Johannes Schmoelling. The album is a showcase of passionate work from this talented duo. The music is alluring and has a mesmerizing, haunting quality throughout. This collection of songs was originally … Continue reading

LOOM – Engaging Electronic Music from Jerome Froese & Company

LOOM is a progressive electronic group formed by Jerome Froese (son of Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream) and Johannes Schmoelling, both former members of Tangerine Dream. Robert Waters rounds out the three-piece LOOM band. LOOM’s style reflects the tradition of Tangerine Dream, with the injection of modern sound created by Jerome Froese’s guitar playing … Continue reading

Equinoxe Part 5 – Festive Electronic Music from Jean Michael Jarre

Equinoxe Part 5 is a bouncy, uplifting electronic tune from the album Equinoxe. Equinoxe Jean Micheal Jarre . released in 1978 . set of 8 songs:  Equinoxe Part 1 – Equinoxe Part 8 . 40 minutes Equinox was Jean Micheal Jarre’s second major-label album. It has been very successful, with sales of over 10 million. However, Jarre’s first album, … Continue reading

Optical Race by Tangerine Dream – Upbeat Electronic Music

. . Optical Race Tangerine Dream Do you enjoy upbeat, instrumental electronic music? If so, chances are you will find Optical Race enticing. Originally released in 1988, Optical Race marked a change in the sound of Tangerine Dream. After a couple decades of producing ambient/classical electronic music, Tangerine Dream moved toward a more accessible, even somewhat … Continue reading

Heatwave City – Upbeat Electronic Music from Edgar Froese

Heatwave City is the opening song of Beyond the Storm by Edgar Froese.       Beyond the Storm Edgar Froese   Beyond the Storm, released in 1995, is a highly recommended collection of Edgar Froese’s solo work spanning over 20 years. The anthology is a 2-CD compilation of 28 tracks, 16 previously unreleased songs, and 12 … Continue reading

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