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Glide Into a Sonic Oasis with Tangerine Dream

TD - Oasis

Oasis Soundtrack

Inspired by the American southwest, the Oasis soundtrack (1995, 52 minutes) is a wonderful collection of melodic, gently rolling songs.  At the time, Tangerine Dream consisted of the father and son team, Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese, and the album is a collaboration between them.

Besides the video release of Oasis, the music was published on CD and was available for the first time during Tangerine Dream’s 1997 Europe tour, released on Tangerine Dream’s TDI label. The US release of the album was in 1997 – it includes the additional bonus track Chia Maroon. All later re-issues also include Chia Maroon.

The collection of songs are especially accessible for anyone new to the world of Tangerine Dream music.

Songs on the Album

  1. Flashflood
  2. Zion
  3. Reflections
  4. Cliff Dwellers
  5. Waterborne
  6. Cedar Breaks
  7. Summer Storm
  8. Hopi Mesa Heart
  9. Chia Maroon (Bonus Track)

Edgar and Jerome Froese
Edgar Froese
. Edgar Froese website

Jerome Froese
(born 1970)
. Jerome Froese website
. Wikipedia



Oasis Soundtrack
– Tangerine Dream


Cliff Dwellers –  from Oasis Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream


Waterborne – from Oasis Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream


Reflections –  from Oasis Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream

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