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Chromebook Sales Continue To Jump – What Are Their Benefits?

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If You Hadn’t Noticed, Chromebooks are Making Waves in the PC Market

Chromebooks use Google’s lightweight desktop operating system, Chrome OS. They are tuned for performance, and more than capably keep pace with Microsoft Windows (or Apple’s offerings) for school, light work, browsing, streaming, research and more. Along with being technically capable devices, when you buy a Chromebook instead of Windows device, you most often save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Though PC market sales overall dropped significantly in 2015, Chromebooks sales continued to grow, and they are gaining in popularity across the board — in businesses, homes and schools. Regarding the upswing in Chromebook presence, ABIresearch says:

Chromebooks will continue to lead growth for the notebook PC category, with Chrome OS systems expected to ship more than 8 million units by year’s end [2015], with a 22% CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] over the next five years.

Chomebooks are Big in Education — Over 50% K-12 Market-Share in the United States

According to a CNBC article (December 2015), as of the third quarter of 2015, Chromebooks had 53 percent of the market for K-12 devices bought by schools and school districts in the United States.

The rapid gains Google Chromebooks have enjoyed come at the expense of its biggest rivals. Over the past three years, Apple’s market share has been reduced by more than half, from 52 to 24 percent and Microsoft’s market share has slipped from 43 to 24 percent. It’s actually been quite a surprising, rapid climb for Chromebooks.

Why are Chromebooks So Popular in the Education World?

  • Price is Right 
    They stretch available budgets.
  • Can Be Deployed in Days 
    500 Chromebooks can be unpacked and configured in just 3 days.
  • Ease Security Headaches 
    Virus free with automatic Chrome OS updates.
  • Turn on in Eight Seconds and Last Eight Hours
  • Easily Shared Among Students
  • Web-Based Management Console
    Easy tool to manage a network of Chromebooks, can be maintained without hiring specialized IT staff.

Google has a helpful website called Google for Education.

What are the Primary Benefits of Chromebooks?

  • Ease of Use
    Chromebooks are lightweight, portable, and easy to use with virtually no learning curve. You can do all of your work from within the Chrome browser — it’s simple and provides a comprehensive environment to get things done.
    Key apps include: Internet browser, email, Google Photos and various photo editing apps such as Pixlr, and Google productivity suite for creating documents, spreadsheets, slides, forms, and drawings. A wide variety of additional apps are available from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Price
    Chromebooks are inexpensive, available generally from $200-300. Prices vary depending on features such as screen size & resolution, processor speed, and amount of memory & disk drive size.
    You use a Chromebooks just like a regular laptop, but they are available at a cost much lower than regular Windows driven laptops. Chromebooks are tuned for internet use, and deliver great performance for their price.
  • Cloud Storage
    Everything you do while working online with a Chromebook is safely stored in the cloud — you don’t have to worry about losing data. If you do some offline work, when you reconnect, your files are synchronized and stored to the cloud.
    In the event your Chromebook is damaged or lost, none of your data is lost — again, it’s all safely stored in the cloud.
  • Frequent Chrome OS Updates
    The Chromebook operating system, Chrome OS, is secure and virus-free. It’s also kept bug-free and glitch-free with regular updates. Chromebooks are updated automatically, in the background, during regular daily use.
    The boon here is that Chromebook users are always running the latest version of Chrome OS without any interruptions.
  • Work Offline 
    Though Chromebooks are primarily geared toward using cloud applications while connected to the Internet, you can use a Chromebook offline, without an internet connection.
    Things you can do while offline:
    . Gmail
    . Calendaring
    . Google Drive
    . Photo Editing
    . Listen to Music
    . Watch Movies
    Resources for Working Offline:
    Chromebook Help
    Everything Chromebooks Can Do Offline
    15 Offline Chrome OS Productivity Apps
    10 Best Offline Apps for Your Chromebook
  • Multi-User Access
    You can easily share your Chromebook with family and friends, all the while keeping each person’s accounts and data separate and secure.


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