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The Internet of Things – Off to a Slow Start

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things, referred to as IoT, and pushed by major technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung is facing a big problem

We’ve been told that the IoT is technology’s “next big thing.” However, a new survey from data market researcher Argus Insights shows people aren’t buying IoT products, and have little interest in the vendor and media hype.

In The Internet of things is already losing steam, just published today by Inforworld, Galen Gruman says:

The IoT vendors seem to have forgotten that real customers need real solutions that work. For example, there’s a lot of attention on remote-controlled lightbulbs, one of the dumbest reasons to spend $50, and regular folks know that. They can get two sensor switches for that price — and not have to fiddle with them once installed.



IOT Remote Home Control
People are disappointed in the actual products, as evidenced in this recent Infoworld article, Home automation is a solution in search of a problem. Many IoT offerings fall into the home automation category, which is fine, but many of the products work poorly or have confusing technologies that keep people away. Proprietary products, reliant on things like Bluetooth, or Zigbee, create integration hassles that make both usage and purchasing much too complex.

It may be too early to write off  the Internet of Things, but unless something changes soon, the IoT could drift off the radar of consumers. And, the IoT could follow the plight of the “digital living room” into oblivion (remember the hype about the imminent “digital living room” about 10 years ago?).


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