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A Fortuitous Happenstance – Finding James Radcliffe

Just the other day, while working on writing a blog of my own by a fortuitous happenstance, I landed on James Radcliffe’s WordPress site. What a joy that turned out to be. Here was someone who was passionate about some of the same things I am. I discovered that Radcliffe is a 100% listener-supported artist who writes, sings, and plays various instruments – he also records his music in his home studio.

James RadcliffeThe layout of Radcliffe’s site immediately caught my eye. Right away I found his post, Why: Reading is a Modern Superpower…, wherein he mentions “7 reasons why you should consider make reading an integral part of your daily life.” I was glad to have been given the opportunity to read Radcliffe’s powerful message about how even in this age of electronic gadgets, reading remains a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas.

Another post called Insanely. Great. made me especially curious with its opening lines, “I  am buried, deep and hard in a bunch of beautiful work, and had no plans to post until next week. But then, something INCREDIBLE happened.  Something that literally BLEW ME AWAY.  And I couldn’t help myself.  I HAD to share it…” The post tells a tale of serendipity in which a video of one of Radcliffe’s songs is made. The music is mesmerizing and would be appreciated by all music lovers.

What a wonderful thing the internet can be. We can discover folks we never even dreamed of before. In my case, here I am in Sacramento, CA, USA, and I was able to connect with James Radcliffe over in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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