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Oh Well – Compelling Song About Life – From Fleetwood Mac

Oh Well tells a compelling story – with unabashed honesty the lyrics hit the listener with truths about ourselves, others, and God. When listened to carefully, the lyrics can lead the listener to some soul-searching. Though commonly referred to as just Oh Well, the song actually has two parts: Oh Well Part 1 is the powerful rock part of … Continue reading

Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP) – I Believe In Father Christmas

I Believe in Father Christmas, by Emerson Lake and Palmer Originally recorded in 1975, I Believe in Father Christmas has proven to be a popular Christmas tune over the years. When first released, it reached #2 on the UK Music Charts. The song has appeared on numerous Christmas compilations.  Several versions of the song have been … Continue reading

Buckethead – Chillout With Bass-Driven Guitar Music

Cycle Bucklethead Close your eyes and let your mind go as you listen to this sonic treat of bass-driven, instrumental, guitar-centric music. The album is a mixture of spacey funk and ambience, all with a steady, driven quality. If you’re new to Buckethead, this is an eminently accessible work. Buckethead’s music ranges from this sort of chill … Continue reading

Shockwave Supernova – Don’t Miss Joe Satriani

Joe’s Got a Total Winner Here — Deceptively Simple, Yet Classic & Filled with Soul… Joe Satriani’s new disc, Shockwave Supernova, is a total winner!  His many previous albums demonstrated he can noodle with virtuosity, but this effort shows he can play with soul, as well as, write music that sounds deceptively simple, yet is … Continue reading

Robin Trower Energizes The Evening

Guitar legend Robin Trower put on an awesome show in Sacramento Friday evening. Robin Trower shared his breathtaking guitar work with a full house at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Hailed as one of the finest guitarists in rock history, Trower’s career has spanned more than four decades.  He clearly enjoys the Fender Stratocaster, his guitar of … Continue reading

Beatles Media Goes Full-Circle

Major League Baseball

Atlanta Braves are the 2021 World Champions!

St. Louis Cardinals

Cards look forward to 2022 season.


Comfortably Numm theme song: Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd…

Oh Wow!

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