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Windows 10 Bug Update Already – Plus List Of Cautions

Windows 10 Beware

Upgrading to Windows 10? Not so fast, you should take a look at these articles first…

  1. Windows 10 Service Release 1 — After Just One Week. Really, Microsoft?
    Out just a week and already Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 Service Release 1, a fix for all sorts of bugs. Is Windows 10 perhaps not ready for prime time?
  2. 10 Things Windows 10 Failed to Fix or Flat-out Broke
    Will the Service Release fix some of these?
  3. Windows 10 tour: The Good, the Bad, and the Missing
    Microsoft got some things right, but missed on many critical points.
  4. How to Secure Windows 10: The Paranoid’s Guide
    You can take steps toward securing Windows 10 — the trade-off: you’ll lose some functionality.
  5. Windows 10 Hidden Costs
    All sorts of hidden costs — from paying to get full Office functionality to paying a subscription fee to remove ads from solitaire. And, if you’re a business, Windows 10 is NOT free.
  6. Admins Rail Against ‘Unwanted and Unexpected’ Windows 10 Downloads
    Microsoft is slowing networks to a crawl by unexpectedly pushing Windows 10 upgrade files to networked PCs.
  7. Windows 10 Upgrade Opens Doors To Big Brother
    By accepting licensing agreement, you consent to allow Microsoft to monitor your Windows 10 use.
  8. Sony Warns PC Customers to Wait Before Upgrading to Windows 10
    They say data loss could occur.


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